Boring and Honing

We can repair most cylinders by boring for oversized pistons, or sleeving cylinders that are at their maximum over size, or have a nicasil plating on then.

Boring How it’s done

When we receive your cylinder we measure the size it is now, look over the general condition, evaluate it, call you and let you know what we have found out. At this point we take normally a credit card payment and proceed with the work. Your cylinder is first bead blasted to clean it to make it look new again (we do not remove factory paint on the outside, only at you request for an extra charge) The cylinder is then bored (from the base side down, this is the most accurate way to be true to the crank, not every one doe’s it this way) We then hone it to match the piston size (This is blueprinting the piston to the bore size) After honing all cylinder edges are chamfered (this includes all port edges on 2 stroke cylinders) this aids in ring wear and ease of assembly. Your cylinder is then rinsed in parts washer and washed in soap and water, then lubed so it wont rust then bagged and boxed for assembly.

honeing to size

CRF450 head 400EX in the coal region Vito's Banshee 404 big bore kit

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