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Advanced Machining Services Yamaha Blaster performance page. A vast array of OEM and aftermarket parts for your Blaster. Cylinder kits, Engine kits, porting, cylinder boring/honing/sleeving, big bore kits. Advanced Machining Services, Yamaha Blaster engine rebuilds, crank rebuilds, transmission repair. Box it up and ship it.

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240 bigbore kit

  • New cylinder
  • New head
  • Piston kit
  • Top end bearing
  • Top end gasket set

We go one step further by chamfering all port edges, this increases ring life, and hone the cylinder.


Blaster Top end kit

  • Bore & Hone cylinder service
  • Wiseco Piston kit
  • Top end bearing


Blaster Porting Stage I


Blaster top end motor kit

Ship motor to us to disassemble/assemble the top end add $95.00 to above prices

Listed above is a selection of our more popular kits. You may have some of these parts, or, have some of this work done. We can custom tailor a kit to your specific needs. Give us a call for an estimate, and, Thanks for stopping by…hope to hear from you soon.

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