4 Stroke Valve Job Kits

All valve job kits include, disassembly of valves, bead blast ports and exterior (were applicable), inspection of spring pressure at installed height, check valve guide ware, clean, inspect and cut your valves (if within specs.), multi angle, single cut on the valve seats, clean all gasket surfaces, lap head gasket surface, wash for assembly, install new valve stem seals, assemble valves and springs. Any cam or rocker removal/assembly can and will be done at your request for an extra fee only after we receive your go ahead with the work. When you receiving your head, as mentioned above, it will only need the gasket surfaces wiped down with a clean cloth to be ready for assembly.

  • Aluminum Welding
  • Boring
  • Sleeving
  • 4 Stroke Specialist
  • Porting 2 & Stroke
  • Race Tech Suspension

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